Energy-XS Campaign

A free Wind Turbine for rural India for every turbine sold in urban India.

India has established itself as the third biggest wind energy market worldwide in terms of new installations.

Based on data provided by the following agencies, 1) National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), 2) Household Consumer Expenditure Surveys, 3) Central Electricity Authority (CEA), 4) Electricity Connections and Sales Statistics and Census of India (Population and Household Statistics), the average electricity consumption per household in urban India in placed at 950KW/h and the total households in urban india is placed at 23.9 million, out of which the small wind market in India is placed at 83,000 MW. We get here an idea of the market size. If Energy-XS should target only .01% it translates to 8.3MW or over 4000pcs of XS-2000 turbines.

Bottom Line

The profit from each 2000W turbine sold in the urban area, would allow us to install two XS-25 turbines for rural use, which could light up 7 street lamps or two rural households. We need not limit ourselves to supplying only free XS-25 models to the needy in rural India, we could do case studies and supply bigger models to handle communities enmass if we have enough generated from urban sales, The projected dollar value available for rural funding on meeting out target of .01% of the small wind market is US$ 1.3 million. We are looking for business development partners to take this idea forward, contact us if you are interested...