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ENERGY-XS will introduce soon the XS series alternators for direct drive of VAWT's having  the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Exceptionally compact, allowing the design of wind turbines driven directly without gears and delivering up to 600 W/Kg power-to-weight and 2500W/dm3 and power-to-volume ratios.
  • Low losses and high efficiency at rated speed.
  • PMA design allows wind turbine to start at very low wind speed because of minimal cogging torque.
  • Excellent energy production and load characteristics even at intermediate speeds, up to 50% of rated power available at half the rated speeds.
  • Highest reliability and lifetime: MTBF of 100,000 hours and more can be considered standard.

Frameless alternator mechanical integration: 

ENERGY-XS alternators allow the design of wind turbines driven directly by the rotor shaft, without the need of a speed multiplier. The alternator stator comes prealigned and mounted on a bearing, and has provision to allow for stop-nuts to lock unto the mast. A special feature of the design is that it allows the stator to be replaced if required without removing the wind turbine from its mounting flange. 

Range and models:

Six ranges of ENERGY-XS alternators are available and they are characterized by their rated power post fixed to the series code: XS-25, XS-500, XS-1000, XS-2000, XS-3500, XS-5000.

It is not true that HAWTs are

It is not true that HAWTs are by nature more efficient than VAWTs, aerodynamic studies show that the efficiency is similar. It is just that until now vastly more has been spent on developing HAWTs than VAWT's. In fact under turbulent conditions near the ground, a 20% to 40% better output is normal for a VAWT, due to better responsiveness to rapidly varying wind conditions.